Thursday, November 1, 2012


The devastation is real, the damage is more than just physical.  Families have lost everything.  "The only thing left is the shirt on my back", is no longer a saying, it's real.

Your donations are desperately needed to help hundreds of families start to recover from the devastating damage caused by Hurricane Sandy.

We are compiling a list of items needed for the families, but for now we are in desperate need of funds for emergency day to day needs.

Families are in desperate need of:

Temporary Boarding
Emergency Home Repairs
Medical Expenses
Temporary Transportation to/from Work
Meals for Families and Volunteers

Clothing Drop-Off Location
Flatbush: 2294 Nostrand Avenue Near Avenue I
Boro Park: Szmirgad Bais Medrash 43rd corner 12th Ave

This fund is being administered by 
Harav Pinchos Meisels
Dayan of Seagate

Tax deductible checks can be sent to:

Congregation Yereim of Seagate
Attn: Hurricane relief fund
1303 53rd Street, #258
Brooklyn, NY 11219

If you can assist with special equipment, clothing, or other assistance:  Email: seagatehurricaneemergencyfund@gmail.com.  
Phone: (718) 557-7774


  1. Tizku Lemitzvos. The funds are desperatly needed just for basics like hotwater boilers, heating systems, electricians to rewire etc.
    Shulem Zicherman

  2. If there are tradesman that can donate some of their time like plumbers,carpenters,electricians etc please let us know, you are needed desperately

  3. I visited Seagate to see the damage and to see how I could help. The devestation is real, there are people who have lost the roofs over thier heads. While they suffer WE have a real opportunity to help - an opportunity to perform a mitzvah that is not generally available -- the opportunity to do chesed - tzeddakah - temicha -- of fellow yidden who ate literally out in the cold --
    Mendel Zilberberg

  4. With hot tears rolling down I’m so so Heartbroken !!!! to see so many Yidden and non Yidden suffer!!!

    Thank you B P Shomrim (especially my friend Pinny U R the best!) for teaching Klall Yisroel by example how to go out all the way to be kind and help another person in need

    The King of Jewish music Reb. Mordechai what a Tzadik of a Yid, who ever reached out to him for help he was always responded generously to them, we must have HaKoras Hatov in return

    But listen here Rabosi… unfortunately it’s not over yet. It seems that there’s another storm on the horizon “New, Storm May Hit East Coast” being reported in the news, how should we look at these hard times and what can we learn from it???

    AGAIN: It’s Heartbreaking to see it coming again, but I guess if we didn’t wake up enough with the Franken-storm the first warning that Hashem sent us, we have to suffer another storm, not nice to compare but Pharaoh and the Mitzriyim also didn’t wake up from the Makos, so Hashem had to keep on pounding them with many more hardships till they eventually drowned

    The storm and the warning we just had wasn’t very harsh to many of us, even though many suffered and some are still suffering, i.e. no phone service, no electric, long lines at gas stations and after waiting four hours in line they tell us “sorry buddy no more gas left” etc. I don’t get it. Haven’t we just lived through a massive storm of destruction, how can we ignore it? Hashem is literally begging us to make big changes in our lives in all aspects; He is trying so hard to wake us up from our deeeeep sleeeep. Why we are still ignoring him? The proof that we are still ignoring him is that he is sending us another storm

    There are sections of the region that were damaged so badly beyond recognition. Houses burned to the ground, basements flooded, Like in Sea Gate, structures damaged beyond recognition, no refrigeration, no freezer, no Boiler, no hot water even just for Erev Shabbos showers, no stability, Thousands are trying to find a place for Shabbos. Boruch Hashem web sites have been set up for Brooklyn and Lakewood to help them, but it’s not enough to handle the thousands who still don’t have power, (and might not get back power for another seven weeks) who will be spending Shabbos in the cold and dark, many are freezing not being able to sleep because it’s so cold without the heating that we have (come to feel as a necessity at) this time of the year

    Put on your thinking caps: Just in the past year: Some of The Tzoras Worldwide, we have lost so many Rabonim, Roshai Yeshivas Gedolim, Rebbes, young children, young parents, so many NEW orphans, who are filling up our Shuls and saying Kaddish for their loved ones at such a young age, that’s enough to break my heart and make me cry out to Hashem saying “Hashem we are ready to live like a true Yid” get rid of our bad habits that the Yetzer Hora implanted inside of us.

    The list goes on and on, how about the financial situation? NO JOBS, The rising cost of our simple everyday needs, like water, FOOD, batteries, gas, tuition, clothing, many services that we took for granted are becoming unaffordable.

    see part 2

  5. part 2

    We have entered a new era, a time that the world has changed completely from the way it was for the past 5772 years, our Hishtadlus is almost worthless, why don’t we realize that with all the money in the world that thousands of us are ready to spend to get their electricity back on still they are totally helpless? No matter how wealthy we are, we are still helpless? For the big Chachomim (smarty pants) who think they can outsmart Hashem, and the storm will not affect their electricity, by having generators, do they have sufficient gas or oil to run the generators? We all know that the answer is absolutely NOT; to them too, Hashem is sending a message saying “your money is worthless I won’t enable you to purchase enough gas or oil to run your generators, because I want you to turn back to me and do Teshuva!!! Hashem is crying out loud and saying “I Love You my dear children” Help me to bring the Golus to an end hoping to see the Geulah and Moshiach today.”

    Take a quick look (online) to what happened at NYU Hospital in NYC they prepared all kind of generators and back ups, but at the end it “all” failed, they had to evacuate hundreds of sick patients.

    Now a new storm is being forecasted and if we do real Teshuva we can at least prevent it from hitting our region, I beg you my family and friends, Klal Yisroel of all ages and communities, please lets wake up now before we lose many more lives, homes etc. before we encounter more tragedies so we can make Hashem proud of our new Derech our new and improved way of life to enable us to see the Bais HaMikdosh instead of another powerful rainstorm Chas VeSholom.

    With tears and love to Klall Yisroel, my prayers are with you.

  6. A chizik speech and Appeal by Rabbi M. Snow @ Beth El of BP, for Hurricane Sandy Relief fund for Sea Gate residents. For men and women. 15 av cor. 48 st. Shabbos morning b4 Mussif (approx 10:15 am). Shachris, R"C Benching & Mussif by Chazzon Benzion miller and choir @ 8:30 am. Everyone is welcome to join.

  7. Isn't it obvious that Hashem is telling us that New York and the United States is no longer a place for Jews.
    Isn't it obvious that Hashem is telling all Jews to come home to Eretz Yisroel.
    All those caught in the trap of the miraglim saying, it's a dangerous place, there are the giants who control the Land, are now being shown Who is in charge of the danger and Who protects His children.
    Get out! Before its too late!
    Don't collect money to rebuild you old homes in Galus, collect money to build new homes in your old homeland and to get a ticket out of there before JFK and Laguardia are closed down for good!

  8. MBD a SeaGate resident is making Aliyah! http://www.jewishpress.com/news/breaking-news/his-brooklyn-home-destroyed-by-sandy-singer-mordechai-ben-david-is-making-aliyah-video/2012/11/08/
    May they all soon follow.

  9. I am unable to make a contribution - no visa card and no checking account - but I have been posting this - and MBD's video - everywhere! All over FB and Twitter and I contacted a Rabbi in New Haven, CT I once worked for and told him about this. Your place is here in Israel but in the meantime you are in need of so much so I am doing what I can to let people know. Don't know what else to say....Shabbat Shalom. Stay strong.

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